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Home Safety for Seniors

The first step in long-term elderly care Omaha NE is usually caring for an elderly loved one at home. You can save money, and your loved one can stay in the comfort of their home. It also allows your family to spend more time together, and you can ensure your senior loved one's safety and security.

However, as a family caregiver, you may face many challenges, which makes you consider getting professional help. A nursing home or retirement community are good options; however, not all seniors want to stay there, and they may suffer from emotional trauma. The best option in this scenario is senior home care Omaha.

Your senior loved one can receive elderly care Omaha NE at home without leaving their home. A specialist in senior home care Omaha will visit the patient's home and provide the services they needed. And as a family caregiver, you have to ensure that the home is safe and secure.

Here are some tips on home safety for seniors.

Get Rid of Fall Hazards

Most injuries of seniors are caused by falls. It is crucial to reduce fall risk and make sure that the home is home fall-safe to ensure your loved one's safety. Remove throw rugs as they often lack a rubberized backing to grip the floor. Get rid of pile clutter, such as loose clothes, shoes, and newspapers. You should also avoid stretching extension cords across the floor and ensure that your senior loved one wears non-slip footwear inside the house

Protect Against Fire and Related Dangers

You must also get rid of fire hazards to prevent fire accidents that may put your loved one at risk. Inspect the electric cords of all appliances and devices in your loved one's home. Replace any damaged or frayed cords and mark a limit on the number of cords plugged into power strips. Remove candles as they can start a fire if left burning and unattended. Regularly change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Avoid using a space heater, but do not place it near the curtains, furniture, or bedding if your loved one insists. Also, remind them to turn off the space heater before leaving the house or going to bed.

Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

Give your loved ones senior-friendly cellphones to make it easier for them to stay connected with friends and family and make it much easier for them to call in case of emergency. You can also post a note in large letters on every phone and the back of their phones. List all the emergency numbers they needed, such as 911, emergency contacts, professional caregiving service, healthcare provider office, and poison control.

Safety-Proof the Home

Install enough lighting in hallways, stairs, and paths and make them clear of objects such as shoes or books. Install rails to help them going up and down the stairs. Avoid placing scatter rugs at the top or bottom of stairs.

Assess the bedroom and bathroom

Ensure your loved one's bathroom and bedroom are safe as these places have high risks of accidents that may injure them. Get rid of rugs that may cause them to slip and fall. Remove objects that can cause harm to them and make both rooms convenient and easy for them to move.

Ensuring your loved one is safe at their home can be daunting and will make you worry a lot. Our senior home care Omaha has well-trained specialists who can take care of your loved one safely at their home. Our caregivers will help them live comfortably, safely, and securely at home.


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